Ms. Taylor's Entry Plan

Ms. Taylor's Entry Plan
Posted on 07/24/2017
PlanBecoming Principal at Lee Street Elementary School:  Leading through collaboration and communication

As the new principal of Lee Street Elementary School, it is my intention to transition into Lee Street Elementary with a plan that will ease feelings of uncertainty and answer questions that students, staff members, parents, and community stakeholders may have about the future of the school community.  It is my desire that my school entry plan will offer insight into my vision for our school and the support I plan to extend to all members of our school community. It is imperative to preserve successful aspects of the school’s culture and to confirm value of the ideas of students, teachers, parents, and community stakeholders as it relates to the success of our school.  I will embrace students, staff, and parents by listening to their concerns and needs, while building a community of collaboration and effective communication.  Welcoming the ideas of all stakeholders and centering our primary focus on the safety and academic improvement success of our students is essential for our school to grow.  We will work in harmony for our students and bridge a “togetherness” that truly reflects the school, parents, and community working collectively for all students.

I will always strive for excellence as your principal, researching and seeking new practices/strategies for improving student achievement, inspiring teacher leaders, and increasing parent and community involvement. My objectives for the transition period are to do the following:

  • Ensure a safe and orderly school environment for all students and staff members
  • Plan with our school leadership team to identify strengths, priorities, challenges, and needs of our school
  • Collaborate with parents, staff, and community members to ensure a strong instructional program and positive school culture
  • Foster a learning environment that cultivates students learning from each other and administrators, teachers/staff, and parents collaborating and implementing programs/strategies that will improve student achievement and build stronger family and school relationships
  • Celebrate all accomplishments of students and teachers/staff



Planned Objectives



Essential Questions














  • Recognize and continue traditions that cultivate student learning and success
  • Celebrate and reward students for academic success and making good choices pertaining to their behavior
  • Foster a learning environment that allows students to express themselves through their verbal and written talents
  • Create opportunities for students to engage with school leaders and parents about school improvement
  • What are the current traditions of Lee Street Elementary?
  • What are some ways that students and teachers/staff would like to be recognized for their accomplishments?
  • What school clubs/organizations are currently available to students, as well as competitions that students participate in at the school, district, and state levels?
  • How do students want to become more involved in their learning?














  • Establish and foster collaborative relationships with teachers/staff
  • Provide targeted professional development
  • Extend shared-leadership opportunities to teachers/staff
  • Create a school committee for teachers/staff to contribute ideas and implement effective strategies for school improvement
  • Increase the morale of teachers/staff and staff attendance



  • Support teachers with an effective induction program and generate ideas from teachers that will increase teacher retention at Lee Street Elementary School
  • Do teachers believe all students can learn at a high level?
  • Do teachers have a daily time allotted for collaborative planning?
  • What are the current needs for professional development according to data and teacher reflections?
  • How can I support the staff with creating more opportunities of shared-leadership and teachers to share ideas for school improvement?
  • How do we demonstrate to teachers and staff that their ideas are valued and inspire them to capture every minute that school is open as an opportunity to teach our students?

School Nutrition Staff



  • Work collaboratively with the lead school nutritionist to provide a healthy choice of foods for breakfast, lunch, and after school snacks for students
  • Ensure that the school nutrition team has an opportunity to collaborate with school leaders and present their ideas for school improvement
  • What programs can be implemented to support the school nutrition program?
  • How can we better promote healthy choices of food and beverages for our students?
  • How does the school nutrition team view their role in supporting student achievement?

Custodial Staff

  • Work collaboratively with the custodians to ensure that the school building is clean and conducive for learning
  • Provide custodians with opportunities to collaborate with school leaders and share their ideas for school improvement
  • What effective practices can be implemented to support custodians with cleaning and maintaining the school building?
  • How do custodians view their role in supporting student achievement?







  • Facilitate parent sessions to view and discuss school data, as well as strengths of the school and areas requiring improvement
  • Understand current parent involvement and build relationships that foster a successful school culture
  • Conduct parent engagement sessions for teachers to share with parents effective strategies to use a home with their children
  • Collaborate with school council and PTA members on strategies to improve student achievement and parent engagement
  • What forms of communication have been successful in the past?
  • How does the PTA and school council support academic success?
  • What has been the process for involving parents in the school improvement process?
  • What are the expectations of parents pertaining to the school and being able to be involved in a shared-decision making process about school improvement?

Community Partners

  • Maintain and strengthen current community partnerships
  • Establish new partnerships within the community
  • Participate in special community functions and events hosted by civic and community organizations
  • Are parents truly partners at Lee Street? What does that mean?
  • What business partners are currently involved with the school?
  • How do partners in education support student success and/or school improvement?
  • How does the school strengthen relationships between families and community?

Central Office








  • Maintain effective communication and collaboration with central office supervisors and support personnel
  • Collaborate with central office support personnel oninstructional needs, professional development needs, and strategies for continuing school improvement
  • Collectively analyze school data with central office support personnel and school leadership team
  • How can central office support teachers pertaining to staff development?
  • How can the instructional program be supported or enhanced by central office support personnel?
  • What are the current school/district initiatives?


Ultimately, I have designed this plan to support my transition into a strong and supportive school community.  As I work to implement my transition plan, I will constantly reflect on my objectives and make necessary changes.  My primary focus is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders and build strong positive relationships that will foster a successful learning environment for all that is   shared by everyone involved in making our school a school of excellence.  Only through effective and positive relationships among the school leaders, staff members, students, parents, and community members will we be better able to build upon school traditions and practices that have been successful in the past. Lee Street Elementary has a strong history within this county and we will build upon it to ensure that we become a school whose name is synonymous with excellence in teaching and learning for all students. I am delighted to join the Lee Street Elementary School team and I look forward to our collaboration in support of student learning.




Rochelle Taylor

Principal, Lee Street Elementary School

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